How Far Am I Willing To Go?

I’m thinking about what Mike Thurman will be preaching back at CCC this morning. Genesis 22… and Abraham taking Issac to a mountain for worship. To the foot of the great Mt. Moriah, it was a three day trek on a real donkey of a vehicle. Then it was several thousand feet of elevation for a very old Abraham to climb. The journey was no walk in the mall for Issac either. He would carry wood and supplies while helping his hobbling father along.

The point is this: It took a lot of work, sweat, and intentional frustration to meet with God. Because Abraham and Issac did that, they met with God in one of the most powerful worship experiences recorded in scripture.

How far am I willing to go just to hear from God? What amount of frustration will I endure to ensure His presence is engulfing mine?

As we were throwing the last few pieces of baggage for six onto our overloaded van, I told Sherry this has been one of the hardest study breaks to get ready for. Just to finally arrive at our departure time has been a real pain in our donkey of a vehicle.

A week or so prior to our study break, our Toyota van began begging for our attention. The front CV axle needed replaced, and then the rack and pinion. We attempted to fix these ailments with a cheaper mechanic #1. Big mistake.

And then… the real culprit was a front end wheel bearing that only a dealer and mechanic #2 could diagnose. This was something mechanic #1 swore was not the problem. THIS was a painful experience.

And then… my air bag light came on and horn stopped working. Apparently a steering wheel column cable was compromised by mechanic #1, and so mechanic #2 proceeded to fix. More pain.

And then… my radiator had begun leaking while sitting overnight at the dealer. How does that happen? These days you don’t fix bad radiators, you replace them. Along with my serpentine belt, the new radiator repair bill was equally as painful from a mechanic #3 recommended by a friend (I just couldn’t stomach dealer repair costs at this point).

And then… three sprinkler heads in my front yard needed replaced on the day before we hit the road. When it sprinkles it pours. This is such a wimpy, American, suburban, comfortable… although real… complaint and audible whine.

Yesterday morning we got in the van at 6 a.m. with great determination, so we could drive nine hours south… so we could attend a Saturday night church service in Sarasota. As we drove, I slowly began realizing how the work mechanic #1 did needs to be undone and redone. There’s something going on with a funky vibration attached to all the stuff our cheaper #1 attached. Cheaper certainly isn’t better. I’m praying we will make it back home.

And then… it was THE worst church service my family and I have ever experienced. It was, as best as I can briefly describe, a meeting of Dr. Phil and Oprah to help people get their “breakthrough” by repeating small phrases led by the pastor’s wife as she painfully tried to find a teaching gift still buried somewhere on the beach. THAT was painful. After almost TWO HOURS, we ran out during the closing prayer because we knew we would be accosted by the 20 other exuberant members hungry for new people to brainwash.

I’m thinking God is going to speak something very powerful this study break. The work, frustration, and anxiety to get here would point to perhaps, a mountain experience worthy of the climb. I don’t have a mountain, but I’m hoping a huge ocean will do. You’ve got my attention, Lord. Speak.

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