Last night was the grand opening of the new Guitar Center in Kennesaw. I’ve not seen such a buying frenzy since the 70% off Christmas Eve sale of Chia pets at Walgreens.

The new store had a live band, lines of people, search lights scanning the dark skies, door-buster deals, and T-shirts—lots of free T-shirts. T-shirts were shot from cannons, with hordes of people scrambling to gain an cheap, XL-size shirt that will never fit.

And there was the buying—frenzied buying while electric guitars played on every amp cranked to eleven. People were pushing and shoving while “Freebird” played on in multiple keys. Can you feel me? 

Oh… and then there were the giveaways. Store employees drawing lottery from a cardboard box and distributed gift cards, amps, cheap guitars, and more T-shirts. Judging by the crowd’s anticipation and response, one would think King Tut’s gold tooth was being given away.

Wow. Whew. I made it out alive and then went straight to bed. I didn’t buy anything, and I didn’t win anything. There are, however, six different T-shirts sitting on the kitchen counter this morning as I wonder about the dynamics of motivation. What gets people excited? What gets us out of bed? Why do shameless promotions of self-indulgence create lines of people, all pushing and shoving other people only to get more stuff? How do we prioritize through it all?

On Sunday, we’ll take a probing look at Mary and Martha from Luke 10. What whipped Martha into a “doing” frenzy? Why was Mary content with just being? How do we sift through and prioritize between doing and being?

There are practical ideas for us to consider. In fact, we’ll lay out seven specific things we can DO to BE!

On Sunday, my good friend and college mentor, David Roadcup, will speak at Cumberland. “Roadcup,” as we called him during my college days, has spent over 40 years in vocational ministry. He was a founding member of Promise Keepers with Coach Bill McCartney. He is a professor of discipleship and global outreach at TCM International Institute, and sits on the board of CIY (Christ In Youth). Dave and his wife Karen have been married for FORTY years, (whaaaa??!) and have two married daughters.

I’m excited to welcome my good friend to the CCC platform on Sunday morning. Bring a friend. This will be good! See you at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. (And don’t forget: we change our service times to 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. on April 2nd!)


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