a glimpse towards Sunday 7.18.14

Each summer, the awesome CCC elders send my family and me off for a summer study break. We take off for a nice beach outpost, and undoubtedly have a lot of fun.

But… I DO take my summer study break very seriously as a privilege to leverage and not abuse. I hit the beach around 6:30 a.m. each morning and read, think, pray, and write til about 3 in the afternoon. Then… the Scotts play. Heck, wouldn’t you? We’re at a ding dang beach!

Towards the end of my study break, I begin to get a bit edgy and anxious to preach. God fills up my soul, and it all needs to come out. This Sunday, it all starts to come out.

Officially, it’s “Baptism Sunday.” We’ll be all over this, and will ask many to make decisions. Unofficially, it will be “Drink From The Firehose Sunday.” I hope you’re ready. I hope you won’t miss. I’m all jacked up in preparation. I really do want you to hear what God has placed squarely within my tanned heart. I have an apology and a great challenge to issue.

If you want to take an advanced look at what we’ll be studying through, give Acts 2 a read.

AND… Sunday will be the last official day of VBX in Studio C3. VBX this past week has been AWESOME. Just ask a kid. Jen, Lauren, and an army of volunteers have led a tremendous gospel effort towards the kids of our church and community.

This Sunday, the Studio (elementary kids) will only be open for the last session of VBX during the 11 a.m. service. The Playhouse (preschool) will be operating during both services.

We’re hoping all our VBX kids and parents will come back this Sunday. It could be a little crazy. Wonderfully crazy! There will be a big cookout after our second service for all our VBX kids, parents, and volunteers. Wonderfully, messily… crazy!

(If you are a kid’s ministry volunteer WHO DID NOT serve at VBX, you may want to drop Jen or Lauren an email about helping out in the preschool area this Sunday — even if you’re not scheduled. Because of VBX and many volunteers in the C3 Studio at 11, we could use some extra help in the Playhouse. You’ll be serving many kids and families who will be hearing the gospel perhaps for the first time!)

Sooo… Sunday’s gonna be good. You should bring a friend along. I’m excited to be back and to be teaching. Let’s gather at 9 & 11. Come early and hang out with some folks. THAT is the Church, and maybe the best part! See you soon!



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