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Last Friday I took Sherry and the remaining Scott brood to see the movie “McFarland.” We all loved the flick. It stars Kevin Costner as a white, high school coach challenged with coaching in an all-Hispanic high school in McFarland, California. Costner, or coach White, begins a cross-country running program because, as Costner says, “What better place could you find a cross country team than with kids who eat the right foods, pick in extreme heat and running is their primary mode of transportation?”

The Hispanic community in McFarland had collective and individual identities as poor pickers. They picked crops for a meager living. They believed 9-1-1 never moved as slow as when the emergency call was to help a picker. Life in McFarland was stuck. One of the cross-country team’s runners explains, “No one stays in McFarland unless they have to. There ain’t nothing American dream about this place.”


The identities in McFarland were cemented in hopelessness. The story of McFarland is a true one. The movie shows the power of identities. Where we get our identities is where we get our power… or not.

I recommend you see this movie. It will enlarge your heart. I also recommend you come Sunday to Cumberland. This might even cement your identity where it needs to be.

Our text for this weekend is Galatians 3:1-5. Please give this an advanced read.

Humanistic relativism and approval seeking through doing are both horrific mentors to gain our identities. So many do, and are stuck in hopelessness. What percentage of folks wrestle with their identities? 75%? 85%? 99.99%? What if our identities could be centered on Jesus — Who died to help us regain the image of God set within us all? Now THAT would be identity shaping!

Let’s gather at 9 & 11 a.m. this Sunday to glorify the One who creates us, knows us, and recreates us. Our identities found centered IN Him, works powerfully and practically. I’m excited to teach. See you soon.



BTW… Easter is fast approaching. We’ve created a video invite for you to use with your family, friends and neighbors. CLICK HERE to watch and share. Thanks!

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