a glimpse towards Sunday 8.2.13


My kitchen faucet went south on me.  The top of the faucet broke.  It came apart and fell completely off.  How does THAT happen?  Thanks to Price Pfister’s lifetime warranty, I got a brand new faucet… complete with instructions for installation.

Armed with said instructions, tools, my new faucet, and good friend, Stephen Hulsey… I set out to make Sherry proud and fix the kitchen faucet.  She’d been waiting.  (sigh)

By all indications, printed and otherwise, this was an hour’s worth of plumbing toil.  I was set to attack.  After a quick 6:30 p.m. pizza dinner, I rolled up my sleeves and put on some loose fitting jeans.  A proper display of credible plumber’s crack was deemed a necessary part of the instructions. J

At eleven o’clock I teetered on insanity and cussing.  Everything was installed.  There were no extra parts.  The cold water flowed beautifully.  The hot water didn’t.  What the what.  I was physically exhausted.  I had been on my back in the crunched space below our sink for far too long.  I had been beaten, and my wife, who only had cold running water, was ready to beat me!

Oswald Chambers says when you give yourself physically, you become exhausted.  When you give yourself spiritually, you get more strength.  (read that again…)  Unfortunately for me, there was nothing spiritual about our kitchen faucet.

Sunday is our BACK TO SCHOOL F.I.A.  There’s work to be done, but is it physical or spiritual?  Certainly there’s a physical side to set up and execution of games, food, music, face painting, backpacks, haircuts, and the like.  If our approach is spiritual, God will energize us.  If our approach is spiritual, we will not grow weary in doing good.  If our approach is purely physical, we may get cranky, tired, exhausted, and begin swearing we’ll never do that again.

Sunday will be messy.  Language barriers will be messy.  People will be messy.  Messiness approached spiritually unveils a glory beaming directly from the cross.

Will you come, help, and be a part of the mess on Sunday?  Will you pray before, during, and after as you approach this F.I.A. (Faith In Action) Sunday spiritually? Jesus will touch lives on this glorious and messy day, and you GET to be a part of it all.

Bring your bags of schools supplies.  Sign up to work an area of engagement.  Sit down with someone you don’t know at lunch.  Pray for a family with backpacks and school supplies.  Just being at this F.I.A. will help create a restoring Kingdom environment where any and all can feel accepted and loved.

You might walk away physically exhausted.  Maybe.  But… if approached right, you will also walk away with more strength.

Hope to see you on Sunday.  It all starts at 10 a.m. (lasting til 3).  Above all else, bring your Kingdom, spiritual heart (and maybe a gallon of hot water for my wife).



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