A Corona And Lime Day…


During study break, we find Saturday night church services so that our Sunday mornings can be an even extra special refreshing time for Sherry and me.  Last night’s church service has left me with a dull headache this morning.  Maybe I’m a church snob.  Cumberland has refreshed, healed, and spoiled me.

During our loosely defined “church service” and the slow passing of an hour and a half, there was still no sermon.  It was at this point we were corporately asked to stand and repeat a sort of believer’s creed.  With hand over our hearts, we were supposed to read the projected words:  “We are believing… for a check in the mail, our mortgages to be paid, to find money.” and on and on it went.  I didn’t do the stupid creed.  The family and I  slipped out the side door and went running to our cars.  What is up with this church stuff?  Even my kids… especially my kids… could see right through this self-serving, hyped up religion from a church called Victory.   And then I remembered Keller’s words”  “We want God’s stuff, but we don’t want God.”  That’s the heart of the prosperity gospel, and it seems to be thriving in the hard economic times of central Florida.

It’s the weekend, and I’ve changed my pace a bit.  I just finished reading a Paul Simon interview out of Rolling Stone.  I like reading the feature articles from Rolling Stone to understand people like Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga, and Paul Simon.  I think I’m going to download Simon’s new album into my ipod.

Simon recants his life long struggle with Art Garfunkel.  Their dance was exactly opposite of the glory dance Timothy Keller has unleashed in me.

I read James 4:13-5:6.  I always seem to read the Bible from the perspective of the protagonist.  It’s probably my inflated sense of self-righteousness kicking in.  What if I’m the antagonist?  Maybe I’m the bad guy here.  What if I’m the rich, confident, arrogant person whom is being challenge in this passage?  If God, as I believe, has a corner on the market of absolute truth, then at some point he’s going to offend and challenge me.  Maybe this is my point.  God… keep working this passage out and into my soul and salvation.  Please don’t let me pawn this off on who I think is rich and arrogant.  THAT is rich and arrogant!

I read chapter one of  George W. Bush’s autobiography.  It’s a fat, historical book recording Bush’s greatest decisions during eight years of being President.  Chapter one deals with his decision to stop drinking, and accept Christ.  It was intriguing and providential  how he mentioned Timothy Keller’s idea of “clues to God.”  This is right off the pages of “Reason For God.”   God always ties together my studying and reading on study break.  It’s such a cool thing.

Today has been a Corona and lime kind of Sunday.  Not much reading, but my soul and soul mate have been nourished.  For that I am so thankful.  It feels a bit like the glory dance, and there is joy.  There is a glorious sun setting and smiling on this fortunate man, father, and pastor.

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