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Soooo… this week I caught a cold.  Blah & ugh.  There’s much controversy on what to do when you get sick.  Most will confuse the old adage:  feed a cold/starve a fever… or is it the other way around?  Idk!  Some are quick to get the pink antibiotic, while others are slow for even ibuprofen.

My path this week has been fresh juice, popping oregano oil capsules every three hours, drinking hot, herbal, green tea, getting good sleep, and heading to the Chiropractor later today.

I’m sure the advice from ten people would be ten fold.  If given debate time, I’m betting this could be lively.  Put a homeopathic in a room with a hard-core, traditional medicine guru, and you’ve got a great cage fight to watch!

On Sunday, we’re looking at the familiar passage of the widow’s mite.  Remember that one?  Did you know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this passage?  Some say it’s merely a statement against corrupt religion.  Others believe passionately this text encourages sacrificial giving.  I’ve read theologians who are ready to cage fight on this one.  Wow.

Here’s a novel idea.  What if the text (Mark 12:41-44) is actually about Jesus?  Could the story of a destitute widow giving away everything to a broken temple system be a mere shadow of exactly the redemptive work of Jesus?

There are practical implications within all of this.  The deeper truths will challenge and press us to be “all in.”

What would “all in” look like on you, and how do you consistently live out such a commitment?  What’s the key?  On Sunday, we’ll uncover the key.

You ready to take next steps?  You willing to move to a position of being “all in?”  What if there were an entire church of “all in” Jesus followers?

I’m anxious to teach.  I believe we’ll see something in a familiar passage we’ve never seen.  Aaron Carman’s 180 video will be good.  A rockin’ choir and band will lead the way into the presence of Jesus… WHO, by the way, is the point!  I hope you’ll get the point and not a cold!  I trust we’ll be able to gather and create a common thirst for Jesus — even if you think my voo-doo, juicing, herbal medicinal ways don’t jive with how you operate.  Isn’t the diversity of the Body of Christ FUN!  You IN?

See you on Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.



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