The Cumberland Story

Cumberland's Vision

We will reimagine the family dinner table by creating a lavish feast for all of us who are messy and broken. People who once filled their hungry souls with unsatisfying food will find Gospel sustenance and the joy of age kingdom wine. Everyone at the table has a purpose and responsibility for the ever-expanding gathering. The food will be nourishing and abundant, offering a full measure of life. We will continually set up more tables for the feast. Those dining will find peace and contentment as they bask in the love of the shared table. We will serve and love each other at the feast and keep inviting any and all to the reimagined family dinner table.


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"We are redeemed messy people pointing other messy people to the gospel of Jesus."

Our Approach

Good food and familiar faces - that is exactly what a family dinner is all about! More importantly, it is exactly what God has in mind for our Cumberland Church family. The table provides a central location from which we can all find the nourishment we need, but it also serves as a platform from which we can offer goodness to others. This is central to our being. To maintain it, we must commit to 4 keys:

  1. Love People One at a Time
  2. Feed People the Word of God.
  3. Connect People to God Through Prayer and Worship
  4. Motivate People to Serve.

At the table, we can all give and receive, serve and be served, love and be loved - by means of a gracious God who generously provides for us all.

CCC One Another 0443