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Choose Life

By JoeBraun / October 17, 2019 /

Choose Life My day was busy and scheduled full. I had not yet done my morning exercise routine and showered – when my cell phone lit up. It was my chiropractor. For years we had threatened to hike Kennesaw Mtn. Every Fall, we cajole each other about our elusive hike. I eventually wrote it all off, thinking my doctor didn’t want to cross some imposed patient line. I had left it alone and forgotten our idle threat. My cell phone…

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By JoeBraun / October 3, 2019 /

When the Israelites were desert-dwelling, I’m sure they were hot (as in hot mess). I know they had to be a bit dusty and uncomfortable. I’ve been in an Arizona sand storm. It’s just not fun.  For the Israelites, the food grew tiresome. Same bread. Same meat. Water from rocks wasn’t flavored or sparkling, so it seemed to lose its miraculous pizzazz after a while. Running seemingly purposelessly around deserts just sucks for any who have tried. But here’s what’s…

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