Henry Blackaby once crafted a phrase that generated considerable steam a few years back. He wrote, “Watch to see where God is working, and join Him in His work.”

Typically, as rugged, western individuals, we will pave our own path and ask God to bless that.

See the difference in the two approaches? One is way more about Jesus, and the other is way more about me.

On Sunday, we’ll take a creative look at a place where God is most definitely working. As a church, we’ve asked to join His work. The long term effects of joining God where He is already working are stunning.

What causes God’s hand to move incredibly and visibly in one place, and barely noticeable in another? Are we just not seeing correctly? Could there be a desperation component? Are there people in certain parts of the world who are so thirsty for something better, that faith in eternity with Jesus comes more naturally, more efficiently, and maybe even more powerfully?

We expend lots of energy, money, time, and people resources towards getting the Gospel into western hearts. Do self-sufficient souls make our task so incredibly exhausting and hard?

“Dear God, we want to join you where you are working, AND we want You to work here too. We need you here.”

On Sunday, we’ll be in John 5:41-47. I hope that as we study this passage and take a specific look at where God is working, we will be hungrier for God to work more powerfully right here. The harvest in Smyrna is ripe too. “God, we want to watch to see where You are working and join You in Your work.  We want You to work here too.  We need you here.”

See you on Sunday! It’s a long, lazy, holiday weekend, and so I encourage you to make our gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m. part of your sabbath-rest discipline.


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