Snakes and Stones and Fierce Reality

Snakes and stones may chill my bones, but religion will always kill me.

It’s the title of my new children’s book to be released in June 2045. What do you think?

JK. Sort of.

On Sunday, we’re looking at a guy named Nicodemus. His Hebrew name means “one who is over people.” He was. He was an elitist, but he was also burned out. Nicodemus decided to talk with Jesus at night. Many think he wanted to meet Jesus secretly. I believe Nicodemus couldn’t sleep because his mind and emotions were simply fried. I think he was burned out.

We’re diving into the life of Nicodemus in John 3:1-15. We’re taking on such a relevant passage and topic. Did you know there are many reports of widespread burnout in America?
Sleep is an elusive dream. High tech pillows, melatonin, and expensive beds don’t seem to be answering our problem.

And a good God has Cumberland in a slow, long series on REST. Our Lord, the one we say is in control, says this: “In repentance and rest is your salvation. In quietness and trust is your strength. But you would have none of it.” (Isaiah 30:15)

Nicodemus was busied by a religion of doing. Many of us do the same and are needing to meet with Jesus at night because we just can’t sleep.

What if we could stop our doing and find rest in what’s already been done? What if our inevitable and necessary doing was powered by what has already been done – so that burnout becomes as elusive as our current state of sleep?

Interested? Let’s gather on Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. We’ll be looking at some real, nitty-gritty answers. We’ll also begin our trek back into healthy doing. There IS much to do, but we must REST from our work so that we can work from our REST. This is practical discipleship. This is what your friends and neighbors need. You should reach out and make the invite. It’s gonna be a great Sunday.

I can’t wait to teach this one. Just be aware of snakes, stones, and facing your fierce reality. That’s a fair warning!

Nicodemus, the one over many people, eventually becomes one of the common people. And in THAT, we find true Gospel solutions to our epidemic of EFF. Exhaustion. Fatigue. Frazzle.
See you on Sunday!


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