Sometimes the wife gets on Facebook using my laptop. When Sherry finishes, she often walks away with her Facebook window open. This slightly naive approach typically leaves me in quite a conundrum. I can close out her Facebook, or I can go back into her Facebook as Sherry.
Guess which option I like to choose?

I can write crazy things to people, and it looks like Sherry wrote it. Are you beginning to see why this is so hard for me to resist?

But here’s where I get the most kicks. I can write something about me as if I were Sherry. For example, take a look at what I did just last week…

Not only did I write that about me as if I were Sherry, I then closed out of her Facebook, and went back into mine and replied! Are you following this? It’s so great. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is what makes me literally laugh out loud. I can predict like clockwork how many folks will comment, warning Sherry that I’ve hacked her account. And they do! Right on time. Well, of course I hacked her account! But… they still have to warn her of my evil ways. Now THAT is too great to pass up. Even cooler is the fact that Sherry never deletes my hacks. I have such a smokin’ hot wife (hotter than the weather!).

God’s Word is unchanging and cannot be hacked, but it is always right on time. This power of scripture is especially true as we begin the work of moving into our new transitional building on South Cobb Drive & Church Street.

On Sunday, we’re working through one of Jesus’ infrequent miracles in His home country of Galilee. Jesus could only do a few miracles where many were familiar with Him. It was an exercise in missing miracles. Our text will be John 4:43-54. There might be some miracles we’re missing.

On Sunday, it will also be my privilege to walk through the story and timeline of our visionary move as a church. For me, only God’s Word and the Gospel can make sense of what we’ve been through and where we’re headed. If we’re not careful, we’ll miss the miracles.

I hope and pray you’ll be able to attend. What we’re covering on Sunday is something we all need to know concerning what Jesus is up to in His Church at Cumberland. I’ll be talking very openly, honestly, and with necessary specifics. When all is said and done after the 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. services, we’re gonna ask you to “keep your fork!” (No—that wasn’t Sherry hacking and getting even.)

I pray you really will keep your fork.

It’s a privilege for me to teach on Sunday. We’ll keep pursuing REST and God’s purpose for our lives and Cumberland.

Blessings, my friends,

Weekly Need: $43,924
Weekly Giving: $50,980