Crock Pot Sundays

Sunday was always a time for REST in my family growing up. 
We would all climb into bed at an incredibly decent hour on Saturday night (before the teen years hit me with the irresistible SNL). Sunday morning was Bible School and church. We would head home for a great meal that was emanating from mom’s crock pot. Restaurants were, for the most part, closed. Businesses flashed “closed” signs as well. On the really special Sundays, there would be a pot luck dinner after church. Those special Sundays, for the kids, would include playing tag inside the church and softball outside.  
Most Sundays another family would be invited to enjoy our slow-cooked meal at our house. After eating, the kids would run outside to play. The adults would sit around the table and talk. Nobody would be anxious to mow or work on their vehicles. In fact, nobody worked on Sundays at my house. Around six in the evening, we’d all pack in the car again and head off to Sunday night church. No TV for me. No Wonderful World of Disney. Sigh.
After Sunday night church, our family would regularly head to the Hendersons for some Cassano’s pizza, more adult conversations, and a game of kick the can for the kids.
That was Sunday. That was our sabbath.
For many, that was somewhat typical of the Sunday/sabbath experience in years past. You had certain things to do, and you had things not to do. This dynamic could be one reason why many folks these days don’t want to do anything on Sundays. It’s a liberated fight against religious legalism and what a Christian sabbath had come to negatively mean.
What if I told you that Biblically, the sabbath was about things like play, rest, napping, contemplating, and delight? What if I threw in dancing? Would that freak you out or would you be a bit more intrigued to give it a try?
On Sunday, we’ll be diving headfirst into ideas related to the sabbath. We’re continuing the last leg of our REST series. Jesus seemed to always stir religious pots on the sabbath. Why? We’re going to talk about that. We’ll be walking through John 5:16-23 as our text.
Is there any chance the horrors of Dayton last weekend MAY have resulted from the sheer disobedience of God’s Sabbath command? Could that be? Let’s talk. I was in Dayton last weekend when the shooting took place. Let’s talk about the sabbath this weekend.
I’m excited to gather with you at 9 & 11 a.m. I hope to see you and your exhausted friends at Cumberland on Sunday. Until then… rest UP and plug the crock pot in.

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