I’m testing a theory gleaned from early morning silence and coffee. Here it is. Soak it in like a strong, dark brew laced with a hint of mocha and hazelnut.

“The one with the most authority sleeps the least.”

Have you ever driven by an impressive, tall office building late at night? At the top of the structure are a few offices with lights on. I’ve often pondered on who was actually there. Is that the cleaning lady? Is it the over-worked secretary trying to keep her head above water? Or… is it the high-powered, six-figure executive killin’ it, and maybe even himself?

The one with the most authority sleeps the least.

This time of year, I fondly reminisce about family vacations. We made the trek through the Smoky Mountains to the glories of Myrtle Beach. My dad did all the driving. In fact, he would drive the twelve-hour journey straight through. Rarely did we get to stop. Stopping was for cowards. Stopping was for the weak. Stopping was for Mom! On really good years, we stopped to get Indian drums, spears, and chieftain headgear. Then the three Scott siblings were told to behave ourselves in the back seat! Really, Mom and Dad. Really?

Those summer journeys often started at 4:00 a.m. Mom would carry us out of bed and into the back seat of the car. Then Dad would begin the trip. Mom would join our traveling slumber party within minutes. Dad never slept. He had a transportation job to do. He was also in charge. He was the head. Dad was the authority, and the one with the most authority sleeps the least.

Fast-forward years later, and I’m piling my kids into the car at 4:00 a.m. Sherry went to sleep within minutes of hitting I-75. I drove the entire state of Georgia and into the sun of a Florida vacation. I did not sleep because I was the authority. I was Dad and carried on the rich tradition that the one with the most authority sleeps the least.

On Sunday, we’ll be hitting REST from an authority perspective. Interestingly, the Bible says our God never slumbers (Ps. 121: 3-4). The one with the most authority sleeps the least. When we give God full authority, He gives us rest. Want some?

Let’s gather on Sunday and work through John 2:18-25. It’s an excellent text dealing with authority. We’ll never get the Lord’s rest until we settle the authority issue. It’s a tough one in our culture.

I’m excited to gather with you at 9:00 & 11:00 this Sunday morning. I’m excited to teach through this perspective on rest. Our God is so good to Cumberland. There have been recent reports of burnout being at epidemic proportions in America, and yet HE has US in a series on rest. How cool is that?

See you on Sunday!

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