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There will be no corporate worship services on Sunday, December 31st. In lieu of corporate worship, we direct you to worship with your family and friends through our Church In A Bag.

Church In A Bag contains everything you would expect in a corporate worship service, but can be done within your home! This holiday season we will study through Matthew 8 and 9 and look at several of Jesus’ Critical Events with people. These passage gives us the basic components of the five parts of Jesus’ Critical Events. We designed this Church In A Bag for us to focus on, pray for, and do these Critical Events.

Each of these five parts of the Critical Event is the components of our Church In A Bag. Working your way through each of these elements will equip you with creative tools in implementing the Critical Event into your own life. Some parts can be done immediately as you work through the Church In A Bag, other parts might take you a few weeks to tackle. The point isn’t how quickly you can do them, but to do them!

Pick up your Church In A Bag in Cumberland’s Lobby.