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An idea born out of Cumberland’s intentional, and often-spoken phrase that “we are a redeemed messy people pointing other messy people to the Gospel of Jesus.” This is something we say often, but the church continues to protect all the reasons why we truly are a messy people. When people feel they have to put on a happy face, act like they have it all together, and perform their best version of “guy who doesn’t struggle with anything,” the church continues to be trapped in shame, something we are trying to remove her at Cumberland.

Through Crumple Stories, we will have time to write one small paragraph of our story (something that is part of our messiness), we will crumple them up and throw them to the front of the room in a big pile. The group leader will collect them and each person will take one out of the bowl to read out loud. Each person will read a part of the story while maintaining the anonymity of the entire group. Pretty cool.