Local and Global Philosophy of Ministry

Cumberland ministries are primarily involved in restoration efforts. We work long- term in communities, empowering them to reach their full potential. Cumberland has a rich history in the community using an integrated approach that includes education, job training and spiritual development. By investing in our community over the years, we strive to see permanent and total transformation.


Thank you for your great generosity over the last year.  With your help we were able to build the much needed dining hall at Beat the Drum orphanage. In the region of Turkana, we built a school and latrines and partnered with the local government. Last year our Spendless2givemore.org campaign raised $13,739.00, in which every penny donated was sent to Kenya and India. With your help, we were able to provide 124 chickens, 21 goats, 9 school terms paid, 17 kids tuition paid, 13 school uniforms, 56 bags of maize, 19 bags of cornmeal, 39 containers of baby formula, 19 bags of sorghum, 32 children received full and co-sponsorships, 18 teacher’s salaries were paid, 12 sewing machines, and 17 men received carpentry equipment.

We ask that you remember to support the needs of our neighbors around the world by going to www.spendless2givemore.org and making a donation today.

Global Missions

At Cumberland, we believe that each community should direct its own development. Every community has different needs and in most cases, residents have a much better understanding of these needs than those on the outside. To ensure that our ministries are relevant and will have a long-term impact, we pursue programs and projects based on local community leaders’ requests and invitation. This process also helps to organize and train local leadership in decision-making, which is critical for the sustainability and well-being of future generations.

Local Missions

Our goal is to provide multiple outlets for faith and action to collide. We heed the Bible’s call to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Each quarter, in lieu of our regular Sunday gatherings, we take the gospel of Jesus Outside the Walls in acts of service to the community. Some of our past projects include school makeovers, prayer walks, and our annual Back to School celebration for Argyle Elementary.

Ministry Through Interdependence

Our ministry model is based on a healthy partnership between communities and Cumberland volunteers. Instead of fostering dependency, we desire to empower the people we serve by focusing on their strengths and abilities. Because we prioritize protecting the dignity of our neighbors, we work with rather than for them. Residents take ownership of their own communities through their work in conjunction with Cumberland.

Ministry Through Being Present

While we depend on and greatly appreciate financial gifts, we believe that the gift of presence is uniquely transformational. Through time together, volunteers and communities build mutually enriching relationships, impacting both locally and globally.



Where We’re Involved

  • Kenya
  • Greece
  • India
  • College Campuses
  • Local Schools
  • Urban Ministry

To learn more how you can get involved in any one of our Global and Local missions opportunities, contact Pastor Rob Irvine here!